Heavy-duty polyurethane floor screed
  • Hard wearing and excellent impact resistance.
  • Resistant to thermal shock and to temperatures -40°C to 120°C at 9 mm thickness; -40°C to 70°C at 6 mm thickness.
  • Provides hygienic fl oor.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals (consult DCP Technical Department for more details).
  • Slip resistant.

Griptop HD is a three-pack water based polyurethane topping that provides floor surfaces with a seamless, hygienic, slip resistant and cosmetically attractive finish.

It is designed for food and chemical processing areas and heavy-duty engineering areas, dairies, breweries etc. Griptop HD can be steam cleaned and is resistant to boiling water and process liquids up to 120°C when applied at 9 mm or above.

Griptop HD is applied by trowel and can be laid to falls. It has very good durability towards pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It also has very good resistance to many of the chemicals commonly found in an industrial environment (consult our Technical Department for further details).

Griptop HD can be supplied in a variety of colours (consult our Sales Department for further details).


Griptop HD is available in 30 kg (14.3 litre).

Thickness range

6 - 9 mm.


Approximately 2.4 m²/kit at 6 mm thickness.


Store at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

Shelf Life

Griptop HD have a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened containers and under good conditions.

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