DCP inaugurates Polycarboxylates plant in Qatar

Under the patronage of His Excellency Nicholas Hopton, the  British Ambassador to Qatar, DCP inaugurated its plant to produce  polycarboxylates (PCs) in Qatar. The plant is the first to manufacture PCs in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region insuring the latest generation  of concrete admixture know-how.

His Excellency articulated that “DCP is an 80  year old British company committed to serving the international market with  high quality products and technical support. The new expansion is a Polycarboxylates plant that is equipped with the latest technology for concrete admixtures and which will add several advantages to improving concrete properties and durability as well as introducing new applications for concrete.”

The PC polymer, is the main and most advanced raw material used for the manufacture high range concrete admixtures. These admixtures, are used to produce high performance concrete, required for the growing and promising construction market in Qatar, and the MENA region.

The plant is to service the MENA region and help DCP provide better service to clients in terms of delivery, product focus, support and cost effectiveness. This coincides with a major upgrade and expansion for the R&D labs in Jordan, which will provide all the technical support required for the region.

Environmental aspects were a significant consideration when DCP decided to bring this technology to Qatar. The plant has no emissions or waste disposal and most of the raw materials used in the plant are either available locally or in nearby countries, which reduces the shipping of good and all related shipping energy and emissions. In addition to this, the use of high range concrete admixtures has a very positive environmental advantage. Cement production and transport has many negative environmental impacts. The use of PCs allows for significant reduction in cement use in concrete, while improving overall concrete performance.

The plant is another milestone in DCP diversification in manufacturing and expansion plans worldwide and in the Middle East region. 

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