High performance chemical resistant epoxy novolac lining
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Superior adhesion to concrete and mild steel.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Able to withstand exposure to chemicals with pH ranging from 1 – 14 @ 25°C.
  • Solvent free, 100% solids.
  • Easy and fast application.

Strongcoat EN100 is a two component seamless epoxy novolac coating designed for areas where excellent wear and chemical resistance is required. Strongcoat EN100 is suitable for use on concrete and steel surfaces. The material may be used with or without Antislip Aggregates and can also can be laminated with glass fibre cloth to achieve a high build, chemical resistant lining.


Strongcoat EN100 is available in 5 kg packs.


Standard Coverage:

Strongcoat Primer S: 5 m²/kg
Strongcoat EN100 (base coat): 0.33 kg/m².
Strongcoat EN100 (top coat): 0.33 kg/m².

Antislip Coverage:

Strongcoat Primer S: 5 m²/kg.
Strongcoat EN100 (base coat): 0.33 kg/m².
Antislip Aggregate #2: 0.35 – 0.75 kg/m².
Strongcoat EN100 (top coat): 0.50 kg/m².
Approximate system thickness: 1.5 mm

Shelf Life

Strongcoat EN100 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in dry conditions at a temperature of 25°C in original unopened packs.


Strongcoat EN100 is designed for use in applications, such as:

  • Chemical plants.
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Pharmaceutics industry.
  • Petroleum refineries.
  • Storage areas.
  • Loading docks.
  • Food processing areas.

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