One component, polyurethane based foam adhesive for heat insulation panels
  • Excellent adhesion strength to all common construction substrates.
  • Low thermal conductivity characteristic, enhances the performance of insulation boards when filling the gaps between them.
  • Excellent acoustical properties.
  • Easy to apply, single component packed in aerosol can.
  • Can be over-coated by water-based paints.
  • Fast curing, even at low temperatures.
  • High temperature resistance.

Thermofix Foam is a ready-to-use, one component moisture cure polyurethane foam adhesive. The unique composition of Thermofix Foam makes it ideally suitable to provide fast and high bonding strength to several types of construction substrates such as drywalls, heat insulation boards, masonry works and wooden substrates.

The low thermal conductivity characteristic of Thermofix Foam makes it the best option to fix and fill the gaps between thermal insulation panels on facades and foundations, thus it provides an integrated thermally insulated system.


Thermofix Foam is available in 750 ml aerosol can.


Thermofix Foam should be stored in a vertical position in cool and dry conditions out of direct sunlight at temperatures between 5-30°C in its original cans.

Shelf Life

Thermofix Foam has a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture if stored in proper conditions.


  • For permanent fixing of insulation boards such as EPS, XPS, styrofoam and stone wool on facades and foundations.
  • Installation of roof tiles.
  • Filling the joints between insulation boards.
  • Isolation material for windows and door frames.

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