General purpose non-shrink cementitious grout
  • Good non-shrinkage characteristics.
  • Extremely dense and low permeability.
  • High early strength development allowing for rapid installation.
  • High flow can be poured or pumped into variable gap widths down to 10 mm.
  • Easy to apply, single component which require only addition of water.

Flo-Grout GP is pre-mixed, pre-packed chloride free general purpose cementitious grout. It contains cement, selected additives, well graded, and non-reactive aggregates and is designed to give excellent flow properties, shrinkage compensation, frost resistance, and high compressive strength.


Flo-Grout GP is available in 25 kg and 50 kg bags.

Thicknesses and Size Limitations

Flo-Grout GP can be applied in a single layer at thickness between 10 - 150 mm. For greater thickness, an 8 - 12 mm washed aggregates should be added at a ratio of 14 - 15 kg of washed aggregate to 25 kg of Flo-Grout GP and 28 - 30 kg of washed aggregate to 50 kg of Flo-Grout GP.


Approximately 12 - 13 litre per 25 kg bag and 24 - 26 litre per 50 kg bag.

Shelf Life

Flo-Grout GP has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at dry conditions and temperatures between 2°C and 50°C.


Flo-Grout GP is ideally designed for use in the following applications:

  • Filling of shutter tie rod openings.
  • General void filling applications.
  • Filling of joints between precast elements.
  • Concrete jacketing for slabs, columns, beams and footings.
  • Stanchion bases, struts, railings, and guardrail assemblies.
  • Filling of gaps around pipes in tanks and swimming pools.

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