CW System

Heavy duty carbon fibre reinforced polymer wrap structural strengthening system
  • Thin system with application in layers (max of 3 layers).
  • Flexible surface geometry accommodation.
  • No corrosion and resistance to external factors.
  • Thixotropic solvent free impregnation resin for easy use.
  • Multi functional use as bending or shear reinforcement.

Profiber CW system is a set of externally bonded carbon Fibre texture products along with resin products that enable site installation of the CFRP structural strengthening system on concrete, masonry or timber.


Profiber CW is available by roll in plain card board box.
Quickmast CW Primer is available in 5 and 15 kg/sets.
Quickmast ER350 is available in 5 and 15 kg/sets.


Quickmast CW Primer: 0.25 - 0.30 kg/m² per coat.
Quickmast ER350: 0.55 kg/m² per layer for 2 coats.

Shelf Life

Profiber CW has an unlimited shelf life, if stored away from UV light. Always store in a shaded temperature controlled area.
Quickmast ER350 and Quickmast CW Primer have a shelf life of 12 months when stored in a shaded cooled area.


  • Profiber CW designs are conducted as per ACI 440, FIB 14, and ISIS # 3, 4, 5.


To strengthen structures where flexural and shear reinforcement is required for:
  • Increasing loading capacity.
  • Complying with standards, regulations, specifications and design philosophies.
  • Satisfying structure utilization requirements.
  • Structural repairs.
  • Protecting structures against natural disasters.

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