Hardwearing, heat and abrasion resistant system for heavy duty floors and walls
  • High early strength development which facilitates quick return to service.
  • Extremely low shrinkage which reduces any potential cracking.
  • Easy to apply, single component, require only addition of water.
  • Extremely low permeability providing excellent protection to steel reinforcement and host concrete.
  • Shrinkage compensated.
  • Suitable for internal and external applications.
  • Vapor permeable.
  • Cost effective.

Cempatch FR is a single component polymer modified repair mortar. Cempatch FR is composed of a blend of dry powders and selected aggregates which when mixed with water produces a high early and ultimate strength repair mortar.


Cempatch FR is available in 25 kg bags.

Thicknesses and Size Limitations

Cempatch FR can be applied in a single application for sections up to 50 mm thick. Minimum thickness is 12 mm. For sections deeper than 50 mm, multiple layers can be applied to achieve the required thickness.
Cempatch FR horizontal surface of application area should not exceed 18 m².


0.96 m²/25 kg bag @ 12 mm thickness.

Shelf Life

Cempatch FR has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at temperatures between 2°C and 50°C.


  • For the reinstatement of concrete pavements and floors.
  • Car parks and garages.
  • Airport runways and aprons.

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